Movie Premiere: Two Ways to Heaven

TereTereT Productions, Injera Music Inc & Batuki Music Society present: TWO WAYS TO HEAVEN Two missing youth – an Ethiopian boy and a Canadian girl – join the fates of several first generation Canadians from Ethiopia. In their quest for their dreams while supporting their families, some get involved in a high stakes underground business[…]


Rasselas becomes a finalist in the Landmark Entertainment Festival Contest

Thanks to world-famous performers like Drake and the The Weeknd, born and raised in Toronto, our music scene has become as hot as the 2016 summer heat-wave. The world is looking to this metropolitan, multi-cultural city for the next new talent to innovate and bring music to another level. Our local talents tell our stories and represent[…]


RASSELAS performing along side Nigerian Hip-Hop Artist EBEDOZ, Live at the Habari Festival, Toronto’s Harbourfront

Rasselas will be performing tomorrow at the Habari Festival at Harbourfront Centre along with Ebedoz Über from 6:00PM – 7:00PM. Do not miss it!! It will be African Hip-Hop time from East to West. New tracks from “Hagger Swagger” (The Album). This will be a free, all-ages event.

rasselas music hagger swagger album ethiopian canadian hip hop

Hagger Swagger (The Album) Available on iTunes and CD

Rasselas’ most anticipated follow-up album “Hagger Swagger (The Album)” is now officially available on iTunes. The physical copy is also available by emailing injeramusic@gmail.com. The album contains 20 tracks, which demonstrate Rasselas’ signature abesha style Hip-Hop production and lyricism. He covers a wide range of themes in these songs, going from the day-to-day challenges facing[…]

rasselas music hagger swagger album ethiopian canadian hip hop

Hagger Swagger (The Album) Coming soon on CD and downloadable version!!

Rasselas’ new album Hagger Swagger (The Album) will be available on CD and downloads in July 2016. The album will contain many new unheard material from the artist and is expected to re-ignite the already strong buzz about Rasselas. For more information, please contact info@injeramusic.com