Rasselas becomes a finalist in the Landmark Entertainment Festival Contest

Thanks to world-famous performers like Drake and the The Weeknd, born and raised in Toronto, our music scene has become as hot as the 2016 summer heat-wave. The world is looking to this metropolitan, multi-cultural city for the next new talent to innovate and bring music to another level. Our local talents tell our stories and represent us in the entertainment scene. When they make it to the world-wide stage, these are the talents that will tell our stories to world because they have lived as one of us and they understand our life better than anybody else. It is important that we support our local talent so they can go out and tell our story to the world.

Landmark Entertainment Group, based in Montreal, Canada, is known nationally and internationally for exposing new hot talent to the music industry. How they have been doing this is by way of talent contests that run in every city in North America, by involving some of the best talent that have potential to reach the international music scene. LME has been actively seeking talent especially in Toronto, where there seems to be a breed of super-talented bands and performers, ready to demonstrate their talent to the world. Toronto, being a very diverse and multi-cultural city, offers a wide range of culture and music from all around the world.

Rasselas joined the LME festival contest in February 2016, where his first performance for the contest on February 19th at The Revival in Toronto was received to a much appreciating audience. The judges were very pleased to say the least. His charisma and delivery on the stage were very professional. His interaction with the crowd was bold and brave. When Rasselas performed, the room came alive and the audience came closer to the stage and started to make noises of approval. Rasselas and his band were admitted to the second round.

Rasselas and his team performed again at the Mod Club Theater on May 22nd for the second round of the contest. The set included some new songs as well as some of Rasselas’s underground hits. The show performance was again fantastic and the audience’s approval was even greater than the previous show. The judges were happy again and Rasselas and his team were admitted to the third and final round.

The final round of the contest will be taking place at the Mod Club Theater on Saturday, August 27th. Rasselas will be performing new songs from his latest album Hagger Swagger released in July 2016. The show will feature Eske DJ on the turntables and also some of the artists that Rasselas has collaborated with. Also performing will be Agere Dance Crew, straight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

After the contest, the top performers will be given prizes. Following are some of the packages that are offered by Landmark Entertainment Group:

  • Recording time with the best highend studios and producers in cities across North America
  • Performances at LME Showcase Festivals in a different city where top performing artists will play at primetime slot at top mid-sized venues for industry reps and sold-out audiences
  • Non-exclusive licensing/music placement contracts
  • Global Distribution
  • National Publicity/PR Campaign
  • In-House Career Strategy, Marketing & Planning Consultations
  • Tour Support
  • Label/industry submissions through a solicited source
  • And more…

The show will start at 7:00PM. Tickets are on sale now for $15. Please contact injeramusic@gmail.com.